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As a full-service Animation & VFX Company, Ionart Animation represents the playful part of us where we get to explore the whimsical part of our identity.

In addition to providing world-class animation services, we also develop our own original content under the direction of award-winning Animation Director Csaba Bárdos.

Feel free to explore and discover a world of pure imagination and endless wonders.

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Ninja Cats

Making its global debut at this year’s FMX/APD is Ninja Cats - a feature project that tells the story of a wise cat master of the martial arts and his disciples who join forces with a young recruit to thwart the plans of an ambitious city leader who aims to bring eternal daylight upon the land, that would threaten the life of nocturnal creatures and upset the natural balance.

Ninja Cats is currently being developed in-house using Epic’s Unreal Engine.


The poCats are tiny beanbag kittens, but while adults believe they are merely toys, children know that they possess magical abilities. The main protagonists, Kira, Pepe, and Laurie, are always mischievous and cannot resist getting into trouble. The poCats consistently find themselves in various adventures, and each episode narrates the complications that arise from these escapades. Fortunately, solving these issues requires only a bit of magic, some tricks, and cooperation with the kids.

PoCats has been picked up for global distribution by Toon2Tango.


Albert is a multi-award-winning animated short film by Ionart Studios released in 2012.

It tells the story of our hero Albert, who wakes up to his wife's cell phone ringing. However, he stumbles into strange occurrences that make it difficult to reach the phone and speak to his wife… who might not be who she seems.

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