Lost Survivors - Cinematic Trailer

Welcome to the world of Lost Survivors!
You woke up on a beach in a paradise-like desert island. You couldn’t really figure out what happened at first. But then, you saw the wreck. What’s next? Now it is up to you to make the best of the situation! Find other lost survivors, build a camp, gather resources from the rich tropical nature and learn creative ways to produce various goods. Be smart and creative and find the best use of everyone’s skills and the surrounding objects. Maybe plane parts can be turned into a storage unit? Turn the desert island into your new home!
After you settled down and got the camp running it is time to explore the tropical world. Plan the route, jump on your raft, load some supplies and off you go to explore! The surrounding islands are full of other survivors and cute animals waiting to get rescued. Make sure to find them all!
Take the chance to inhabit a wild piece of nature and make it comfortable for unique characters and exotic animals as you rescue them along the way. A gorgeous island awaits you!